We are passionate about your success

About us

Applewood Marketing is a digital marketing agency that specialises in Lead Generation for small businesses.

We believe that passion and performance should be at the center of everything we do, and we strive to provide our clients with the best possible service. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping brands reach their target audiences and achieve their desired results.

We combine small agency nimbleness with the rigour, structure and depth that comes from decades of professional management experience.

Overall, we are passionate about our customer’s success.

The Founders

Mark-Wilson-Applewood Marketing
Mark Wilson

Mark first started working with websites in 1997, before Google was a thing. And yes, this statement makes him feel old, especially as he was already well into his twenties by then.

His first foray into digital and online marketing was in early 2007 when he came across a thing called Twitter. It seemed like a good way to share his blog posts (and another way to tell people what he had for dinner…nom nom).

This started a journey into learning everything he could about SEO and SMM. By 2010, Mark had over 4,000 customers for his photography side-business. All obtained from social media and organic search.

Mark also spent over 20 years working in software development and delivery (his ‘other’ job). The majority of this time was spent managing projects, people and companies.

Along the way he became a full member of the Chartered Management Institute and picked up some management qualifications.

In January 2016 Mark decided to make online marketing his main focus, combining his passion for customer success, management rigour and love of search engine marketing.

sexiest man in milton keynes
Simon Nichols

In a previous life, Simon has held senior management roles at 3 of the largest global IT companies, T-Systems, Fujitsu and Dell Technologies.

In his 25-year IT journey, Simon has acquired a vast range of skills from which to draw upon and apply on behalf of Applewood’s clients, taking a holistic view of businesses needs and applying them to the online digital marketing journey.

A fanatical networker and social butterfly, Simon likes nothing better than bringing together the right mix of solutions and people together to see positive end results, when a business succeeds and does something different, that’s when Simon feels a sense of achievement.